Let me start with a saying that goes…”Behind the clouds the sun is still shinning”. I love this saying as it describes a person who has goals in life and takes action to reach it in order to have a successful life.

Let’s relate it to a QR code, an abbreviation from Quick Response Code. We know that QR codes is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) or consisting of an array of black and white squares and lines that is typically used for storing URLs or wealth of information. So the QR code is like the clouds up in the sky covering the sun but once the clouds are gone you will definitely see the sun and the beauty of the sky. Same is through with the QR code once it is scanned by a smartphone it reveals important information about a business, promotions, events, products etc. You are actually giving potential customers access to right information on their finger tips.

But what is important with QR codes? Is it necessary for a business to have one? Well, QR code is becoming a significant advertising tool for marketers. It is another method that helps to connect for offline advertising with online advertising. It’s only a finger tip away from the important information that a person should know about a business/company or product.

It is also important to make sure that the code is working properly and that all information that it is directed to are accurate which give customers the benefit of scanning codes. Remember that customers think what is in it for them. Therefore, never ever overlook the need for a call-to-action and a benefit for clicking through otherwise using a code will be useless, a waste of time and money. Not only that but what’s sad would be loosing potential customers. It’s crucial to have everything tested not twice but many times. Best if you have friends to scan it for you so they can give comments to improve not the code but the information behind it. It can also be personalized like adding a logo of the company or make it colored as well.

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